Concrete Floor Coatings

Applying coatings to a concrete floor is not as simple as cleaning the floor and rolling on a material. The first step is to carefully look at the floor and discuss the different options in order to meet your expectations. Determining the right coating and delivering the product as promised are essential steps in the Aladdin process.

There are several different coating systems that we install. The most common systems are epoxies, urethanes and stains all being of the highest quality.

Coating a floor can be functional and attractive. By applying our coatings you are not only enhancing the beauty of the space but also protecting it from oil, dirt and other contaminates.

The most important part of the flooring system is the preparation. We use a combination of cleaning, diamond grinding and scarifying to prepare the surface.

Typical process for garage floor coating

Remove items from floor

Clean floor of grease and other contaminants

Diamond grind floor to remove old coatings and leave rough profile on concrete

Repair cracks

Apply primer/concrete sealer

Apply intermediary epoxy/urethane (decorative flakes or other aggregates if desired)

Apply protective top coat

The standard process typically takes a few days and will be ready for light foot traffic within 24 hours and vehicular traffic in about 1 week after applying the final coating. Some alternative coatings with quicker dry times may be a good fit for your particular project. Remember to ask us about these coatings at your consultation.

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